We help our clients make significant and lasting improvements in their performance through their people.

Pinnacle has experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations in the following industries:


Consumer Packaged Goods   •   Franchise Organizations   •   Healthcare Industrial   •   Quick Service Restaurant Organizations   •   Retail   •  Real Estate



Strategic Execution

Consumer Packaged Goods

We partnered with a Fortune 500 company to transform how they brought products to market within North America. The cornerstone of their transformation, which also impacted offshore teams, was the implementation of an end-to-end master data management and orchestration technology.


Using our Ascent Method™, we expanded their focus beyond technology to include the process and the human impacts of change. We helped identify potential roadblocks, bring greater visibility to the impacts of upstream/downstream decisions, and created conversations that built accountability and changed behaviors within the organization.


The organization transformed not only their technology but how they worked. Our Ascent Method™ contributed to the successful implementation and adoption of an integrated process, enhanced decision-making, and new technology.


More than 1,000 employees, in 75+ roles, across 50+ locations are now bringing products to market in an entirely new way. 


Quick Service Restaurant


A Top 10 global franchisor needed a complete redesign of their onboarding and training program for new franchisees. Prior to the redesign, the onboarding experience was disjointed and lacked documented training processes and written materials.


To ensure the effectiveness of the end-to-end training program, we conducted a needs assessment and interviewed key stakeholders about what was working and what needed to change. We applied those insights and our instructional design expertise to develop a full 4-week curriculum.


In addition, we:

Designed and facilitated learning paths for different audience groups, developed materials to support classroom, field, coaching and eLearning experiences supported the program through pilot and post-pilot revisions.


But what we are most proud of is the long-standing relationship we have with our client.


We continue to partner with them to ensure their franchisees have the training program and resources needed to be successful as strategies and direction changes. 

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