How We Are Different

Our Unique Business Model: People come to Pinnacle because they are passionate about problem solving AND want to do meaningful work in a way that allows them more flexibility and balance. This model is good for our team and good for our clients.


Our consultants define their optimal workload, based on their personal and family needs.

You get the support you need when you need it – and we can adjust over time.



We attract talented strategic thinkers with a variety of experiences.

You get more experience and deeper wisdom than what you’d find at other firms.


Distilled Focus

We give people time and space to be present in their personal lives, so our team is fully engaged and focused on your project when they’re at work.


We don’t try to be and do everything. We’re 100% dedicated to what we do best: Strategic Execution.

Optimal ROI

Our model provides our clients with a lower cost, higher impact solution. We focus on areas where we can add differential value, while seamlessly partnering with internal teams. Our clients only pay for work that moves the needle, while our people focus on value-added pieces of the problem. ​
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