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Mary Ellen Muckerman



Mary Ellen joined Pinnacle in 2022, bringing over 30 years of strategic leadership experience with Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations and globally recognized marketing agencies. She has led brand strategy, brand and product marketing, employee experience, product development and merchandising, and consumer insights initiatives and teams.


Her philosophy is to take an outside-in and inside-out perspective to positively impact all stakeholders throughout the organizational ecosystem. She also has extensive experience working with open source processes and communities, and believes that designing for participation, collaboration and transparency creates outcomes that are more scalable and sustainable.  And she is energized by helping leaders and teams identify the "how" to activate their "why" and "what."


Mary Ellen holds a B.S. in Business from Miami University and a Masters of Liberal Studies from University of Minnesota. She is a native Midwesterner and a lifelong learner, and currently trying to graduate to Advanced Beginner tennis lessons. When she's not working on her serve, you can find her exploring nature with her husband and trying out new recipes in the kitchen

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