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Dondi Schwartz


Dondi brings comprehensive marketing, communications, and brand expertise to our Pinnacle clients who want to push for big ideas, develop & implement winning strategies, and drive growth. As a brand champion and creative strategist, Dondi aligns and inspires teams to develop differentiated, data-driven, multi-channel communications. Her expertise in marketing communications, product launches, project management, partnership marketing, digital, and traditional media enables her to quickly identify the strategy with the greatest potential for success. Her corporate experience includes Marvin, Target, and Carmichael Lynch.

Dondi thrives in dynamic environments like Pinnacle’s, enjoys managing complexity, setting clear direction and empowering teams to drive for results while leading with empathy and a desire to see people succeed. Dondi loves lounging on a boat, reading a book, listening to Chris Stapleton, and would love to swap places for a day with Oprah (wouldn’t we all?).

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