Angie’s passion is connecting people with resources. In the world of technology, information that can accelerate a person in their career or master their new hobby is just a tap away. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Angie is dedicated to sound instructional design. Angie’s #1 goal is to develop training that introduces the right amount of information to the learner in an effort to provide them with the best chance of retaining, recalling, and applying what they’ve learned.

What makes Angie unique is her drive for data-driven decisions that she gained through her experience in manufacturing, medical device, and financial management organizations. Her heart sings when she can assist in the development of employees, so they are prepared for the right job at the right time at the right organization.


Angie holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management from Metropolitan State University. She serves as the President of a local training trade association that helps further the education and development of her peers.

At Pinnacle, Angie provides instructional technology and design expertise within our Training business unit.


Outside of Pinnacle, Angie lives in Minneapolis with her dog, Fitzgerald. She enjoys traveling solo and to visit family, visiting new eateries around the Twin Cities, and spending as much time outside in the summer months as possible.