At Pinnacle Performance Group we believe people are the key to delivering impact in any organization. We help companies understand what behaviors drive business results, then design, develop, and implement solutions which align human actions with strategic goals in order to maximize results.



Performance Strategy

Learning and operations teams play a critical role in supporting and delivering a company’s strategy. This requires proactive planning and management. Today’s top organizations are guided by a comprehensive plan which supports the organization’s business goals.


Custom Solutions

Off-the-shelf solutions cannot match the effectiveness of Pinnacle’s custom-designed programs. For over 20 years we have designed and developed solutions specific to our clients’ strategic needs, locations, culture, and individual employees.


Operations Support

The age of just-in-time information has resulted in a convergence between training and performance support. Employees need access to easy to use information which supports their performance in real time. Our services span everything from performance support systems, implementation & change management, holistic operations manuals to job aids.